I was totally uploading LOTS of pictures to the site- everything from Erin's wedding to Merlin's baby pictures- but then Clayton's computer blew up on him, and he decided to take mine to the computer shop as well, since it had some minor hardware issues we'd been waiting to fix (no sound to the speakers, not charging properly).  However, between our two machines, the repair guys seem to have their hands full, so it's taking longer than I'd hoped to get my computer back.

Anyway, hold tight!  When I finally do get my computer back, there will be SO many new pictures to post!  Not only will you see Merlin's baby pictures and my sister getting hitched to her own Prince Charming, but you'll also get to see our house getting decorated for Christmas.  We're planning on getting our Christmas tree this weekend (hopefully that will go well!), so I insisted we go to one of our favorite thrift stores/consignment shops, where we bought a really nice metal tree stand for $1.98.  I plan on decorating the house really adorably, but that doesn't mean I'm handing over our life savings to Walmart.

At any rate, please come back soon.  I promise, I'll have up lots of pictures as soon as I can. 

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