Unfortunately I do not have much more to report than I did last time I blogged.  We're still in our little routine each day.  The most interesting things that happen to us, happen while we're at work.  Clayton lost his glasses on the beach during PT one morning.  I rushed to (read: got lost for two hours on) Camp Lejeune to bring him an older pair.  And so it came to pass that Clayton spent weeks wearing what are called BCGs, or "birth control glasses."  The week after this incident, we both got our eyes examined.  Clayton doesn't need a new prescription, but he does need new frames.  I don't need new frames (I'm using an older pair that were bent at one point), but I do need a new prescription.  

At my job, we're taking things one week at a time.  Actually, lately it's more like one day at a time.  This is due to the fact that one of my coworkers is hugely pregnant and expected to be on maternity leave at any moment.  We're working around this happy time bomb, all while we're getting ready for our summer reading program.  The DOD's theme for kids this year is "Have Book, Will Travel."  We've got some really fun activities planned for the children.  This library seems to have really great programs, but I wish they were a little more diverse.  Everything they have is good, but it's all geared to little children, with nothing for teens or adults.  Maybe in the next year or so we can get something going for other age groups.

While we haven't gotten out much, one activity I have not been able to avoid is cooking.  I have been taking pictures of some of our new favorites, in hopes that I would get an opportunity to write them up properly.  Today a dairy-free corn chowder went up for your enjoyment.  Corn chowder is one of my absolute favorite soups, but the stuff that comes in a can tastes so salty to me, and Clayton has been trying to cut back on dairy lately.  I got the inspiration for this recipe from a book I found in my new library, which uses the creamy properties of other foods to avoid using dairy products as thickeners.  That recipe is much more from scratch than mine, but since I didn't have half the ingredients, I had to come up with my own version using the same principle.  

This weekend Clayton and I both got a long weekend.  One of the benefits of our new jobs is that more often than not, we'll actually get these long weekends off.  We had planned to go camping and hiking on this long weekend.  We didn't book a site soon enough, though, so that got put on hold.  That was fine with us, however, because we really did need this long weekend to relax.  As usual, our nerdy friend came over for Saturday night.  I'm glad our weekly evening of games and BBC television is becoming a regular thing.

That's all for now.  Sorry our lives have been so uneventful lately.  Maybe next week will be more interesting.  Certainly I'll have more recipes to share soon.
Just.  Wow.  Now that we're in our new place, and we've started our new jobs, we're settling into a routine.  Routine is by no means boring, however.  

Clayton gets up crazy early to go PT with his Marines, often leaving without even waking me up.  Then he's at work until sometime in the afternoon, and comes home to fold laundry and play with Merlin.  I know that's vague, but he can actually be home any time between noon and five.  In the morning, I do some dishes, tidy the house, and sometimes run a load of laundry.  If I've got a plan, I'll make dinner early enough to have some for lunch before heading to work, and take my leftovers to have during my break at work.  The other serving or two I leave for Clayton to have when he gets home, and possibly take to work the next day.  When I come home in the evening, we usually have just an hour or two to hang out and catch up with each other, before Clayton heads to bed.

On the weekend, I might have to work for a few hours.  Clayton usually has the whole weekend off.  We take our weekend time to clean the house a little more thoroughly, mow the lawn, play with Merlin, and have friends over.  It will probably also end up being grocery shopping time.  

The last couple weekends have been very exciting for us.  May 4th was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and I got my hair cut for the first time in ages.  Of course we had to go to our favorite local comic book store to get our usual titles, pick up some free issues, and try out some brand new titles.  This past Saturday, the 11th, we had a friend from Cherry Point over to have dinner, play one of his board games (complex, but very fun), and watch BBC America's Supernatural Saturday lineup.  By the way, if you get BBC America, and you're not watching Orphan Black, you are really missing out.  It's supernatural, but not in a Merlin magic type of way, or in a Doctor Who time/space travel way.  It's not far from reality, as the "supernatural" factor in Orphan Black is less supernatural and more about one huge, illegal scientific experiment.  The plot is intriguing, and the main actress is astonishingly gifted.  

Anyway, we have been so delightfully busy, my head is still spinning from last week, and now I'm about to launch myself into another.  I've decided if I'm going to keep up on my blogging and other hobbies, it's going to have to be done during these morning pre-work hours.  Now go check out the Pictures page and see the few pictures I've managed to snap of this whirlwind.