Holy bonkers!  I have been incredibly busy!  I know I say that a lot, but Summer Reading is always an all caps CRAZY time at a library.  We're down one staff member, who has been taking care of her newborn, so I've been working a good solid 40 hours a week.  During that time, we have been up to all sorts of shenanigans.

During the weeks, we've been working on crazy maintenance things.  The library ceiling was leaking.  It was some combination of actual leaks from incessant rainfall, and condensation from our A/C unit.  So we had the joyful experience of covering everything in plastic.  Our problem was fixed as quickly as possible, but it was around a week for everything to be done and clean again.

On the weekends, we've had our reading program events.  As I said last time, the first event was a sort of carnival theme, but we moved it indoors because of the rain.  The second event was rescheduled for the same reason.  Our third event was also moved indoors, but I had spent several hours prepping a pretty sweet plan B.  We were supposed to have a bicycle parade.  Instead, we had the kids do the same craft, and we ran several rounds of my homemade travel BINGO game.  I flatter myself to say that the kids and parents loved it.  One mother even wanted to buy the game herself, and was surprised to hear we'd made it ourselves.  This past weekend, we had the rescheduled Medieval day.  We opened it up to the rest of the base, and we got a pretty respectable 55 people to attend, including the new base CO and his family.  I wore my green medieval dress, and we helped the kids make shields out of templates and some awesome medieval die cuts.

Meanwhile, at our place, it took me a month to get our air conditioner fixed.  Believe me, it was not for lack of trying.  After regular phone calls to the rental agency and the utility company, someone finally came out and fixed the entire problem.  Also, I fixed the lawn mower (all by myself!) and mowed the lawn a couple of times.  I'm also reorganizing the house and cleaning out boxes that are currently occupying our guest room.  Right now you might be somewhat impressed with me.  I humbly submit that you should consider being more impressed, because Clayton is not around right now.  He's working in 29 Palms right now.  Normally, I wouldn't advertise the fact that Merlin and I are home alone, but he'll be back soon.  I'd also like to apologize to anyone who has been trying to communicate with me over facebook or email lately.  On top of my other maintenance issues, my computer was disgustingly slow, and the internet wasn't working.  The internet problem was resolved fairly quickly, but my computer took ages to debug.  I had to uninstall individual programs, which was agonizingly slow.  But now, as you can see, I am back up and running!

Hopefully I'll be back a lot sooner, to tell you about all of our other goings on.