Now that we've got the living room more or less arranged the way we want it, I've started adding a few seasonal touches.  As some of you may remember, our wedding took place on the same day as St. John's church bazaar last year.  What this means is that I already have a couple small fall decorations, since we received some as wedding gifts.  Since the living room is such a big space, though, I decided another craft was in order to bring some more fall enchantments to the house.  So I made a colorful leaf garland out of felt and yarn.  
As many of you know, Clayton's birthday was a couple of days ago.  He got his present from me a few weeks in advance, and has been enjoying it ever since.  Since Clayton isn't home to say so, I'd like to thank all of you on his behalf for the cards and gifts you've been sending.  Thank you, everybody, for your kinds thoughts on Clayton's birthday!  I know he appreciates all that love, even though he doesn't like making a fuss about his birthday.  
Clayton and I are fortunate to have nice, big families that love us, and whom we love.  As any of you who are in a similar situation can attest, an interesting byproduct of having loved ones is a plethora of "wallet sized" pictures.  We, like most people, put these on our fridge, the better to proudly show off the gorgeous people to whom we can claim a relationship.  As you can see in the "Before" picture above, though, keeping the pictures on the fridge is a surprisingly difficult task!  If you use a magnet that's too small or too weak, the pictures fall off the fridge and get trampled or dirty.  If you use a magnet strong or big enough to keep the picture up, large chunks of the picture are covered or obscured.  

Finally, I got tired of struggling with the pictures every day.  So I bought a frame and some tiny clothes pins and found a new way to display those little wallet pictures.  This project was so easy, and I think the pictures look way better like this, and I know they'll stay nicer a lot longer there than on our freezer door.  Of course, another added benefit was a less cluttered fridge space.  When I do this project again, I'll post step-by-step pictures and instructions, and turn it into a tutorial.  In the meanwhile, what do you think of my first attempt?  Do you think you might try something like this?

Here they are, as promised (but not when), pictures of the living room!  They didn't get posted yesterday, because Clayton wasn't any better arranging the curtain than I was.  That, and I had to vacuum again.  As always, feedback is welcome.  Without further ado, here are some pictures!  Be sure to check the albums for more.