Hey there, people!  We'll be heading up to New York soon, where we'll stay for about a week.  So, to all of our friends and family up there, we'll be seeing you soon!  Clayton and I are super excited for his brother's wedding.  We love Dave and Rachel, and we're especially psyched about seeing everyone else we haven't seen hide nor hair of since our own wedding.  It should be great!  All this to say, I may be off the radar for a while, but I'll be sure to post some awesome pics of some awesome people, as soon as I get a chance.  
Hi everyone!  Not a whole lot to say today, except that I'd like to announce my complete and utter stupidity.  For our wedding, I put together a beautiful little database, with all of our guests' contact information to streamline addressing envelopes and keep track of who was coming.  Being a very busy little bride at the time, I didn't think to back it up.  I KNOW!  SUCH a big no-no!  Needless to say, immediately after I addressed my thank you notes, my old computer died, and I can no longer get to the addresses.  I didn't miss the things on my old computer for a while, but it has since occurred to me that the next time we move, or at Christmastime, I might want to send out a change of address announcement or other greeting card.  So here it is.  I am admitting my idiocy now, and giving you all six months before Christmas to email me your addresses.  My email address is briannaleverenz@yahoo.com, and is, of course, also listed on the "Communicate" page of the site.  As I've already said, I'll be in New York next week, so any of you who'll be seeing me can also bring your own address stickers or something.  Thanks!
We're getting excited for our upcoming trip!  Even Clayton, who typically dreads the claustrophobia that comes with large family gatherings, is getting very antsy to be heading to New York.  He just can't wait to see his little brother get married!  This week, I'm tying up some loose ends down here, and cleaning the house.  I do this because it is nice to come home to a clean house.  I'm also cleaning because we're bringing back my mom and one of my sisters, and since they haven't seen our house in person yet, I want it to look nice (at least the first time they see it)!

We've made some awesome plans for my family's visit down here.  On the Northern front, I'm still accepting coffee dates, and Clayton's planning the attacks on wing night, garbage plates, and Abbott's.  Apparently someone still thinks that tailored uniform will still fit after a comfort food binge.  Good thing we've been cleaning up our act the last few weeks, going for long walks and eating salads!

I started writing this post, though, because I was amused by my own ridiculousness, and thought you all might to enjoy a laugh on my behalf as well.  The thing is, I'm not very organized by nature.  I love being organized! but I'm not good at it on my own*.  When I have a new project, though, it gives me an opportunity to at least start out on the right foot.  This trip and subsequent vacation were a great chance for me to use some of my favorite organizational tools: deliberate black pens, highlighters, and objective-specific forms.  I even pulled the coupons I'd need for my shopping lists.  The result was my table covered in clean lines and bright colors, momentarily giving me a false sense of security that this whole event won't be a series of mistakes and hiccups.  Oh well, at least I tried!
I love check lists!
Packing list. Bought a couple pads of these years ago, and I use them every time I go on a trip! This time, I used one for each of us!
Ready to conquer the world!
Vacation week menu. Obviously this isn't written in stone, but knowing what we might be eating makes shopping way easier.
This comes in a magnetic pad. Found them in the office supplies section of Walmart.
Picnic check list! Found this (and the menu plan) at http://organizedhome.com/printable/household-notebook

*Ancient punctuation rules I learned in my high school English class from CDs, made from recordings originally done on tapes (and God only knows what other earlier media), tell us that exclamation points (!) and question marks (?) can be used in place of a comma (,), and not just at the end of sentences.  
Just posted new pictures of the house.  It's not really a room, so much as a corner. Clayton and I have our reading corner looking pretty nice.  I still need to alphabetize the books, and we'd really like to get a comfy little reading chair, but this is what we've got so far.  Look over the pictures and tell us what you think!

Click here to see the reading corner.
So yesterday, my dear husband decided we should move our bookshelves around.  A daunting task at any time, the one we had planned not to move made matters worse, and decided it should collapse (while still full of books, of course) right in the middle of the project- and on top of said genius husband (he's fine).  That mess has since been cleared up, but now we're back to cleaning up the initial mess that comes with relocating furniture.  I would take some pictures for you all to see our living room once it's been picked up, but the reason we started moving everything in the first place was to make room for the furniture from Clayton's old bedroom in New York.  Once that stuff is here and where we want it, I promise I'll take more pictures of the house for you all to enjoy or criticize, whichever floats your boat.

And by now you've probably done the math and figured out that we'll soon be in New York.  Clayton's brother Dave (whose handsome mug graces some of these pages because he visits us sometimes) is marrying my friend and maid-of-honor, Rachel, at the end of June.  Since Clayton's one of the groomsmen, and Dave's older brother, we will definitely be there.  If you got an invite, we'll see you at the wedding!  That said, any friends that want to hang out with me, Clayton, or both of us, please get in touch soon.  We'd love to make plans to hang out and catch up.  Just get in touch with us through our emails or hit us up on Facebook (for either of these, see our Communicate page) , and we'll see if we can work something out.