So it has been a while since I last wrote on here.  The bad news is, now I have to remember what we've been up to the last few weeks.  The good news is, I have lots of pictures to remind me!

In my last post, I told you we'd be at the Cherry Point Air Show.  More precisely, Clayton and his co-workers had to work the air show.  Everyone at their shop was on duty throughout the weekend, so there were plenty of Marines at all times to fuel the planes, jets, helicopters and trucks.  The guys were especially proud of the "Wall of Fire," which all the articles about the show will tell you was detonated by an E.O.D. team, but forget to mention was filled with the right mix of fuel and oil by one of the Marines Clayton works with.  Below, I've posted someone else's video of it on the sixth.  However, the BEST wall was on the night of the fifth, because the fire really stood out at night.
Here are some of my own pictures from the show.  I'll post more in an album on the pictures page.  There were lots of static displays of old planes, as well as some modern ones that are used in the field today.  A good part of the flight line was dedicated to carnival-style food vendors.  The food they served was actually very good, but as expensive as could be expected.  The rest of the weekend, Clayton and I chose to fill our cooler with drinks, cold cuts, sub rolls and other goodies to feed us, so we wouldn't have to keep shelling out for fried chicken strips.

On Saturday, Clayton's brother Dave came to the show with us, so he kept me company while Clayton had to do work things.  Over all, the weekend was very fun, and the weather was perfect for the show (a little on the warm side for me, but sunscreen and water were my best friends).  Also, I got to meet more of Clayton's co-workers' families.  This has made me feel a bit more in touch with the other wives, since I actually know what they look like, and even some of their names now.

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