So yesterday, my dear husband decided we should move our bookshelves around.  A daunting task at any time, the one we had planned not to move made matters worse, and decided it should collapse (while still full of books, of course) right in the middle of the project- and on top of said genius husband (he's fine).  That mess has since been cleared up, but now we're back to cleaning up the initial mess that comes with relocating furniture.  I would take some pictures for you all to see our living room once it's been picked up, but the reason we started moving everything in the first place was to make room for the furniture from Clayton's old bedroom in New York.  Once that stuff is here and where we want it, I promise I'll take more pictures of the house for you all to enjoy or criticize, whichever floats your boat.

And by now you've probably done the math and figured out that we'll soon be in New York.  Clayton's brother Dave (whose handsome mug graces some of these pages because he visits us sometimes) is marrying my friend and maid-of-honor, Rachel, at the end of June.  Since Clayton's one of the groomsmen, and Dave's older brother, we will definitely be there.  If you got an invite, we'll see you at the wedding!  That said, any friends that want to hang out with me, Clayton, or both of us, please get in touch soon.  We'd love to make plans to hang out and catch up.  Just get in touch with us through our emails or hit us up on Facebook (for either of these, see our Communicate page) , and we'll see if we can work something out.

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