Today Clayton and I ventured out to New Bern for the annual Mum Festival.  We didn't stay very long because it was VERY crowded, but we did stick around long enough to see some really gorgeous chrysanthemums.  We're planning on going to more festivals this month, so I'll put all the October festival pictures in one or two albums later.  For now, though, I'd love to share some pictures of the mums.  The flowers come in a variety of vivid colors, and almost all the potted plants we saw were overflowing their containers.
Also, I've tried my new tea kettle out a few times.  Its whistle is built into the lid, which sounds like a neat idea, but the whistle actually doesn't work very well.  Other than that the kettle is ok.  It's a nice size and pours well, plus it doesn't have any mechanisms that could be prone to failure on it.  The whistle is kind of a big deal to me, though.  I can't decide whether to keep the kettle or return it as innately defective, so I'm asking you!  Should I return the kettle, or keep it?
Mom leverenz
10/13/2012 10:52:42 pm

Most of the presure is probably going out the spout before it can activate the whistle in the lid. They just don't make kettle like when I was little. At least they still make them. You'll just have to use these, and listen for the water to boil. Use an approximate time and check it, or use a sauce pan.

11/7/2012 09:31:44 am

You're so right. It's really hard to find a good kettle these days!


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