Ok, I'm back again.  I am planning the heck out of this move!  I'm reading books and articles, printing real estate listings and talking to Realtors,  and of course, I'm making checklists and other forms.  Most of these are adaptations of forms in the aforementioned books and articles.  Now, though, I need your help making an original checklist.  I've been Googling, Yahoo!ing, and Bing...ing? all day, trying to find a checklist of pictures I should take.  So let me break down to you what I'm looking for. 

In a few weeks we'll be actually walking into houses, trying to decide where we'll live next.  The books et cetera all say we should be taking pictures of the houses we inspect, mostly to help us remember details about them the next day.  So for this first stage, what things should I be taking pictures of?  Any hints in this direction at all will be SUPER helpful!

For the next stage, I'd like to take some pictures during the move itself.  So far my list has:
  • Stacks of boxes
  • Loaded moving van
  • Clayton wielding packing tape
  Please help me add more photo ops to my list.  This doesn't have to be the best documented move of all time, but I would like some cute pictures for the website, and possibly for our change of address card.  Speaking of THAT, I already have people emailing me addresses (thanks to those who have; you are on the ball!), but there are a LOT more of you out there who I know will be sad if you don't get our Christmas card.  As I said in my last post, I want your mailing address even if you're sure I already have it.  That includes you, Mom.  Just go to my Communicate page, copy my email address into an email, and shoot me a quick note with the names of the people in your family, your mailing address, and (if you want to be super helpful) your birthdays.  I mean it, if you want mail from us again (including a card with our new address, or this year's Christmas card), let me know your address.

As for the photo checklists, those can be emailed to me, or left in comments.  This should be fun, and it gives you a chance to tell me exactly parts of our future house you want to snoop around in before we even get there.  So go ahead, tell me any fun thing I can add to either list, and I'll try to make it happen.  Of course, once we get to wherever we're going, you can expect to see these pictures right here, on our site.  That's it for today, and please pray for us that we won't go crazy in the next two months.  Thanks!
3/21/2013 02:22:08 pm

What, you don't know where I live?


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