My plan was to update the blog last weekend, but that fell through for reasons that will shortly be explained.  Anyway, I'm going to start with the good stuff we've done since my last post.  

For Columbus Day weekend, Clayton and I both had a long weekend.  It also happened to coincide with our second anniversary.  For those of you who have known us all along, it's been ten years since we started dating.  We would have taken a little extra time off to head inland and enjoy the state fair and other exciting things in the rest of the day, but Clayton was supposed to be training in the field.  However, due to the previously mentioned funding snafoos, the field operation was canceled.  Instead of training in the field, he had to make a bunch of Power Points on what they would have been doing.  Since I'm an "Office Wizard" the Power Points were a team effort.

We had our usual crew over on Saturday evening, and I made Chicken Divan, one of Clayton's favorite recipes.  Sunday we did anniversary things.  Our anniversary was Tuesday, but I knew we wouldn't have time on Tuesday or Monday.  Clayton got us a hammock, because the internet told him about traditional anniversary gifts and the second anniversary is "cotton."  It is quite a nice hammock.  We set it up in the living room and watched Game of Thrones with the windows open.  Eventually we went out for dinner at a steak place that had been highly recommended to us, and had a very good time there.  Since the service was so fast and we got out earlier than planned, we decided to do a little shopping.  We walked around a new store, and then we went to get something for Merlin at Petsmart.  Why?  Because our little Merlin turned one year old on (we think) October 5th!  So we found good presents for our little Merlin.  He got a new toy and a backpack for quests. 

On Monday we went on a family quest on the walking trails that run sort of past our house.  Merlin wore his new backpack, and he felt very excited and important, carrying his treats and poop bags, and Clayton's phone and keys.  Twice Merlin stepped in front of me just in time to make me almost step on a snake.  I think it was the same snake each time, poor thing.  There are venomous snakes here, but this snake was a harmless tree snake, and a pretty green color.  When we got back from our quest, we spent the rest of the day picking up the house and preparing for work.

The work week was what it usually is.  On Friday I played a Halloween Jeopardy game with the While We Wait Club, a group for kids whose parents are deployed.  I was very impressed that the children knew about minotaurs and Darth Vader.  The week was looking pretty good.  Saturday morning started pleasantly enough.  I started cleaning the kitchen, and Clayton was folding laundry.  Then Clayton sneezed and dislocated his shoulder, again.  I'll spare you the details of the rest of that day, except to say that we spent the entire day and most of the evening at the Naval Hospital, where Clayton swore at, threatened, and apologized to a couple shifts of Corpsmen.  Sunday was spent grocery shopping and recovering from Saturday.  Hopefully this week will be better than last weekend.  In the meantime, here is a picture of a puppy with a backpack.

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