Hello, everyone!  I hope you had as lovely an Easter as we did.  As you know, I had been planning our Easter feast for some time.  Just as I was hoping, I was able to have all of the food for which I was responsible done, as well as all of the dishes, before my guests arrived.  

This year, Clayton's parents, his brother David, and David's wife Rachel were our guests.  Merlin greeted them at the door, wearing a black bow tie; the rest of us were much more casual.  I decorated the living room with a purple garland.  Easter morning I set up our new table, added the green table cloth and purple runner, and set the places.  Clayton helped me fold our napkins (three were white and three were yellow) in the lily fold, which we then placed in the wine glasses.  All of the glasses were labeled with a person's name on a paper doily.  
Clayton insisted we needed to do Easter baskets for our guests.  I didn't really know who liked which types of candies, so we started with two family baskets and a couple of small, useful, non-candy gifts.  In the end, we did get candy, but we didn't put it straight into the baskets.  Instead, I set up a bunny buffet.  In the kitchen, along my highest counter, I set up some dessert stands and and brightly colored plastic goblets, and we loaded up the display with our candy, and later with the candy David and Rachel brought.  On my kitchen table, I used a vase Clayton bought me a few years ago, and we filled it with some pretty flowers from the store.  When our guests arrived, I put out the raspberry lemonade and deviled eggs.  Out of a dozen eggs, I made a dozen "regular" deviled eggs (egg, mayonnaise, and mustard), and a dozen wasabi deviled eggs (egg, mayonnaise, and wasabi paste).  Rachel later brought a tray of really cute, colored eggs.  She prepared hers with horseradish.  

After dinner, we cleared everything in the living room away.  We got comfy on the floor and the couches and played Hedbanz for hours.  It's your basic "Who Am I?" game, but with a timer and a simple way to keep score.  We all had a lot of fun, and played several rounds.  Eventually we put the game away and had our desserts.  Then David and Rachel went home for the night, and Clayton's parents spent the night with us.  If you want to see more pictures from Easter, head over to the Pictures page.
grandma pozzanghera
4/2/2013 07:48:21 am

the easter pictures didnt come through

4/4/2013 07:08:44 am

Thanks for pointing that out, Grandma P! I've since fixed the problem, and I hope everyone's enjoying looking through our Easter pictures.


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