Hello, dear readers.  Just some quick questions for you today.  When do you start decorating for fall?  What are your essential decorating priorities throughout the year?  That is to say, if you only had the time or resources to decorate one part of your house (inside or out), what would you choose?  For instance, do you absolutely need a wreathe on your door each season?  Or, if nothing else gets done, will you settle for having a centerpiece on the table?  Please leave comments about what you do to decorate.  I like what we have in our house, but there's something so exciting about having things that change throughout the year.  So please, please share your thoughts on this.  Thanks!
8/21/2012 01:58:19 pm

okay, if I could do nothing else, I would change my table colors/ centerpiece. I like to use cloth placemats in the center as hot pads, and then candles or flowers depending on the season. I also change my candles-colors and scents with the seasons. I like floral scents in warm weather, and food type in the winter. I also like to decorate the entry table. Except for Christmas, when it no holds barred, that's about it. I'm slowly working towards door decorations for each season/ holiday, but the way I see it is that's more for other people to enjoy, I live and relax inside my house, so I like to see a little something there. Nature will change her own decorations with the seasons.:)

8/24/2012 04:05:24 am

Thanks for the ideas! I love centerpieces, too, but my table is so little that I'm avoiding anything complex.


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