Dear Clayton's Family,

You left almost an entire box of wine in my fridge.  You also left a few bottles of wine in the garage (but we didn't touch that).  This box wine happens to be the exact same "Chillable Red" as Clayton had already planted in our fridge.  If you've been counting along, you realize this means I have two (2) large boxes of one type of wine in my fridge.  I would like to use my fridge for food.  Right now, it's a wine cooler with a little extra room for food.  

On a completely different note, I'm making LOTS of wine jelly today.  Anyone want some?

Lots of love,

P.S.  One double-batch later, I still have one whole box and one nearly (but not entirely) empty box in my fridge.  I hope you're happy. :P
3/22/2012 08:04:01 am

Bri ~
As an adopted in-law and one half of the party responsible for leaving the wine in the fridge I would love to sample some of your fixin's!
Love you guys!

Mom Leverenz
3/22/2012 09:01:54 am

I laughed so hard over this! I'd suggest having friends over for a game night and offering it up, but they don't drink alcoholic beverages. If I lived closer, and didn't have to wait 45 minutes for a sponsor to show up at the gate to let me in, I'd be over to help ya' out. Good luck w/ that jelly. Need some jars?!! LOL!!!!! Bring the wine home in June!! It doesn't need to be kept refrigerated either. You can keep it in one of those Harry Potter condos you have (aka HUGE closets) Love you Sweetie!!!!!


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