I know, I've been a slacker blogger the last week.  Ever since I got back to New York, I've had a lot of work to do, keeping up in my classes.  This next week will probably be nuts, too, since I have a few presentations.  After that, however, it's pretty well down hill, just doing research and writing papers. 

This weekend, I was going to stay in Buffalo and clean my room.  However, it will be Halloween, and I do not want to be here.  I know!  I've always wanted to do college student Halloween things (whatever those may be), but since my car was egged a couple months ago on a perfectly normal day, by people Clayton guesses were "just some hoodlums with an extra egg," (huh?) I really don't want to find out what this weekend has in store for me in Buffalo.  So I'll probably go back to my mother's place and assist with candy distribution.

OH MY GOSH!  Did anyone else see the Northern Lights on Monday night?  I had just left the farm after picking up some mail and visiting with Clayton's mother, we I looked north (as I often do for this very reason) and saw green streaks across the sky!  I pulled over and called Clayton's mom to ask if I was nuts, was informed I was not, and then we hung up.  I jumped out of my car and looked up to see what was probably the most spectacular aurora I've ever beheld! 

It was all streaks of green and red, and it was as if God had mounted stained glass onto the sky.  I called my own mother and informed her of the event, just in time, too, because she was in a position to drive north just then to someplace slightly more remote and get a good look.  Then I stood, looking up in awe for probably 15-20 minutes, absorbing the sight and storing it in my memory as well as I could.

I'm so glad I got to see another aurora (this was my third) before moving south.  Apparently this one was seen as far south as Alabama, but I have no idea how much people down there actually saw.  Of all the things I'll miss from New York, the Northern Lights are high up on the list.  Up there with Tim Horton's, real pizza, good bagels, garbage plates and maple syrup. 

Now I'm just chilling in my room in Buffalo.  I guess we *might* get snow today.  This worries me a little, because when Buffalo gets snow, it GETS SNOW.  It's still early yet, however, and it'll probably just be the wet, icky kind.  I wish I had a more appropriate word for it, but I am not an Eskimo, and "wet and icky" is the best I can do. 

I might get another post up here this weekend while distributing candy, but otherwise don't expect a whole lot for some time.  Right now we're waiting on everything.  Waiting for my semester to be over, waiting for the photographers' proofs, waiting for a house, waiting for Clayton's shift to change.  Just, everything.  I'm trying to maintain that newly married bliss thing I had going last week, but it's tough when we don't even live together.  There won't be any new pics of our combined shenanigans for a while, either, as I won't see Clayton again until he says it's time to come claim our house.  So sorry if the blog gets boring for a few weeks!  Thanks for stopping in anyway.

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