Literally hours after I published my last blog post, I was called back to work.  Communication was really lacking, so either we went back to work a day early, or we opened the library four hours late.  Oh well.  I'm so far at one end of the phone tree, if there's trouble coming from this, they'll run out long before they get to me.  Anyway, since coming back to work, we've been very busy in the mornings and really slow in the evenings.  I guess everyone who needs the library's computers are pounding the door down in the morning, and the ones who nip in ten minutes before closing assume we're still shut down.  Since we only have one person closing each day this week, slow evenings are fine with us.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to a four day weekend.  This Friday, our building is getting some maintenance done that will probably deprive us of electricity for the day; we don't normally work Sundays anyhow; and Saturday and Monday are part of Columbus Day weekend.  Clayton was going to be spending his long weekend getting ready for a field op, but that appears to be on hold for some reason.  So MAYBE we'll actually get to do something nice for our anniversary this year.  Wish me luck!

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