My last post was very short, just a quick announcement that we were all moved in to our new place.  It may have seemed rather unimpressive to my readers, but to me it was quite remarkable.  You see Weebly, the website designer/editor I use, finally developed an Android app.  So that last post was actually written from my phone!  I know that from now on that won't be a big deal at all, but just this once, it was.

As I said, the last post was way too short.  This post, then, will be all about our new house.  Pictures will be coming, just as soon as we get the place tidier.  We picked a cute little ranch on a quiet street, which is just off of one of the main routes that runs through Jacksonville.  So while our own neighborhood is rather quiet, we're also within ten minutes of just about everything we need.  Another attraction to this location is its sizable backyard, which is entirely fenced in for our Merlin.  

The house has one master bedroom with full bathroom, two spare bedrooms, and another full bathroom.  We have a lovely kitchen, a cozy living room, and a laundry room.  So far the kitchen is pretty well set up, as is the living room.  One of our spare bedrooms is being used as our library, since this living room isn't as large as our last one.  Really, it might be the coziest room in the house now.  Our bedroom has all the right things in it, but they need to be arranged yet. 

At first glance, this house seems as big as our last place, if not bigger, maybe.  However, we're seriously lacking a lot of storage spaces that we had in our first home.  After taking account of all the walk-in closets I don't have anymore, I've decided this place is smaller.  That's probably for the best, though, because it will make us cut down on our junk even more than the moving process itself.  Plus, this house is probably closer to the size and proportions we should expect as long as the military is controlling where we live.  In short, we've come to the conclusion that our last house really spoiled us!

We spent a little over a week moving in, making one trip a day between the houses.  That seems like way too long, but we were also cleaning as we went, and making trips and phone calls to set up the utilities.  Some utilities we had to establish in person at city offices, and we had to wait at the new house in person for the cable guy to set up our cable and internet.  We used a U-Haul trailer for two days, but that really just helped us move our larger pieces of furniture.  

Early on we brought Merlin to the new house, so that he would not be tempted to run out the doors as we moved things into the truck.  As far as we can tell, Merlin loves this new house.  He seems to appreciate being able to keep track of his whole family on one floor, and he definitely loves running around his huge new yard.  We play tag and fetch with him outside almost every day.

Now that we're settling into our new home, check back soon for lots of pictures.  Also, please email me if you want our new address.  If I think you're super duper important, I'll hunt you down for my address book anyway.  If you want our address without me hunting you down, shoot me an email with your address.  

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