Ok, so apparently no one felt like talking about the sushi.  Fair enough.  This time, however, I'm really really hoping that someone will want to contribute to the comments or emails, because I have a genuine concern.  Clayton and I need some advice on buying a couch. 

Our general furniture purchasing process goes something like this:
  • That is an attractive piece of furniture!
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Would it fit in the room I have in mind?
  • Can we afford it?
I'm sure that this is a good policy, however, certain pieces of furniture come with their own quirks.  For example, a kitchen chair should have you seated at a comfortable level with your kitchen table, and be light enough to move around frequently.  However, when it comes to couches, beyond the hope that they be comfortable, we know next to nothing. 

So do you, my dear readers, have any advice on what to look for in a couch?  Large arms?  One solid seat cushion, or several?  What about the back cushions?   Should they come in pieces, or be solid as well?  What's a good length (or other dimensions)?  What's too much to pay for a couch?  Are slipcovers overrated, or a necessity? 

I could go to some forums or surf furniture stores' websites, but I trust you people, so I'd rather get my information from you.  Indeed, you might be thinking I'm not asking the most important questions there are regarding couches, and that is because I have never purchased one before.  So please, I beg you all to hit me with your best words of wisdom regarding couches, sofas, loveseats and sectionals!   Thanks in advance!


Mom Leverenz
11/3/2011 08:31:22 am

Make sure you have it long enough to lie down on. the cushions should be removeable for ease in vacuuming. It should be easy to move. If you want to hide magazines under it, make sure it has legs. A back that is too high can hurt your neck. Arm rest pillows go flat quickly. i like throw pillows to add to comfyness. make sure it's well made so the screws don't start popping out and foot rests start falling off! Even a high priced one can be crap!


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