Ever since Clayton came home with new orders, I've been house hunting.  It's kind of fun, but I hate when realtors only post one picture of a property, or take really bad pictures.  One house had such grainy pictures, I found myself searching each one for a UFO, or at least Big Foot.  Also, there is a place for the person creating the listing to check boxes for various "amenities" the property may contain, such as air conditioning or a fenced in yard.  Many of the properties I see, though, don't list anything to do with laundry.  They didn't check the box for laundry hook-ups, washer/drier in unit, or anything.  Is it really possible for a house with two or three bedrooms, and 1-1.5 baths, to not have any provisions for doing laundry at all?  I can't believe someone would build such a house and not include even the hook-ups for a washer and drier.  Any thoughts on this?

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