Sorry I didn't get back to you all as soon as I'd said, but I'm here now!  Clayton and I have settled into our house and are making it into a cozy little home.  I'm getting pictures together so you all can see what we've been up to.  So far, we hosted Clayton's parents and sister (and our friends' dog) at Christmas when we moved in, my grandparents the weekend of the Super Bowl, and several small dinners with friends.  I've been keeping the house and hunting for a good job.  Clayton goes to work each night and comes home to watch a movie with me.  

Things have been going great for us down here.  I still get thrown by the heat some days, and apparently am allergic to some plant that only lives down here and not back North.  Other than that, I'm finding the South to be over all quite pleasant.  As far as Clayton's concerned, I'm pretty sure he's so glad to be out of the barracks that he's willing to put up with all of my quirks.  We're so glad to be together at last, that it has made living together for the first time relatively easy.  Oh, there has still been a lot of adjusting going on, certainly; but as I said, we're so excited to be together that it has made it all so much easier, indeed, more interesting.  

I'll keep updating this from now on.  Now that things are settling out and we're falling into routines, maintaining the website should get easier.  Thanks for stopping in!

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