First and foremost, yes, Clayton and I are just fine after Sandy came through our area.  We had heavy rain and winds for a couple of days, and there was some flooding in the area, but no worse than when it rained every day in August.  I felt the need to announce this, because people have been calling and texting us, asking if we were all right.  We felt rather sheepish when we realized that we were so o.k. that we had neglected even to call our mothers and let them know we'd made it through the storm.  It was so not a big deal, that it hadn't even occurred to us to let people know we were fine.  

Today I added a bunch more pictures of our October activities.  We had a lot of fun prepping for Halloween, and Clayton bought WAY too much candy.  We actually did have Trick-or-Treaters, but only six or seven.  They barely put a dent in the heap of refined sugar Clayton bought for us.  So before even opening all of the bags, I'm already sick of eating chocolate.  A few days before Halloween, we went with our friends, Dan and Brittni, to Mike's Farm to pick out pumpkins and eat a fantastic dinner at their restaurant.  
Those are the pumpkins we chose.  Clayton's pumpkin is on the left, and mine is on the right.  Click here to see our October pictures, and see how we carved them.  That's it for now, but November has filled up fast, too.  I'm going to try to keep up taking lots of pictures, so you all can see what we're doing.

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