Hi everyone!  Not a whole lot to say today, except that I'd like to announce my complete and utter stupidity.  For our wedding, I put together a beautiful little database, with all of our guests' contact information to streamline addressing envelopes and keep track of who was coming.  Being a very busy little bride at the time, I didn't think to back it up.  I KNOW!  SUCH a big no-no!  Needless to say, immediately after I addressed my thank you notes, my old computer died, and I can no longer get to the addresses.  I didn't miss the things on my old computer for a while, but it has since occurred to me that the next time we move, or at Christmastime, I might want to send out a change of address announcement or other greeting card.  So here it is.  I am admitting my idiocy now, and giving you all six months before Christmas to email me your addresses.  My email address is briannaleverenz@yahoo.com, and is, of course, also listed on the "Communicate" page of the site.  As I've already said, I'll be in New York next week, so any of you who'll be seeing me can also bring your own address stickers or something.  Thanks!

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