Here it is!  As promised, I have a new project to share with you all!  I, Brianna, have made NAPKINS!  Just in time, too, since we're finally on the last pack of left over dinner and beverage napkins from our wedding last October.  All in all, I'm quite proud of myself, since I don't know where the nearest fabric store is, and the only sewing machine I have is the size of a large stapler, and only has one stitch.  Luckily, I didn't need a fabric store or a sewing machine.  
Several times now, I've read blog posts and articles extolling the virtues of flour sack cloth.  Apparently, it's a real workhorse in the kitchen, is easy to sew into other things, and washes well.  People also enjoy its simultaneously classy and rustic texture.  So when I found this flour sack towel at the Dollar Tree(!), I decided to give it a try.  I'm not sure why I was surprised at how big it was.  After all, the measurements (28"x29") are right on the tag!  Anyway, I thought it would be big enough to make into some napkins.  Four napkins, to be more specific, putting the cost at about 25¢ a napkin.

Once cut into quarters, I finished the two rough edges.  To do this, I folded over the edges, ironed and pinned them into place, and then did a simple straight stitch.

Here's the finished project, tucked inside one of my napkin rings.  I'm going to send them through the wash, to make sure they'll hold up through more than one use.  We still haven't decided if we should do anything more with them, though.  I'd like to iron some charming graphic onto one corner of each napkin.  Clayton thinks we should dye them some color other than white, so stains won't be as obvious.  I reminded him that the beauty of white napkins is in the ability to bleach them.  However, if we plan on bleaching them, I guess I shouldn't iron anything onto them.  Thoughts?  Comments are always welcome!

Pam Leverenz
8/3/2012 11:08:32 pm

What a cute idea. Use non-chlorine bleach when washing them or oxigen powder to your wash. Some whites are colorred that way and the bleach will turn the towels gray or off white. :( writing from experience) you can always embroider(in white) a small pattern on the edges, or a corner, or crochet a edge! Also, start making a list of things you both need/ could use....Christmas and birthdays are closer than you think and there are awesome back to college sales right now! Pass the ideas along, if you can, as you think of them!
I think the article of clothing you described is called a "shrug" up here I may be wrong, but they are very popular for doing to sundresses just as you wrote! So happy for your new job!


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