At last!  I have done a project I found on Pinterest!  Clayton was very encouraging, and even helped me by doing the paint.  If you go here, you'll see what inspired my project.  The blogger used a frame and some lace to make a very nice-looking jewelry holder.  I already have a holder for my earrings, so I loaded this up with my necklaces.  As for the frame, I already had one from a mirror I found at Volunteers of America ages ago.  Unfortunately, when my lovely husband insisted on using Command Strips to hang absolutely everything in our house, the mirror was a little too heavy, fell, and broke.  The frame, though, was salvageable.  

To make this, we:
  • Removed the broken glass
  • Painted the back board black
  • Wrapped pieces of ribbon around it.  
  • Put the board back in the frame, and hung it in our room. 

Check out the pictures below to see how it turned out!  (And as always, comments are welcome!)



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