As I promised last week, I have some big news this fine day!  It's been really hard to keep this in for what felt like so long, but Clayton asked me to keep it more or less under my hat until now.  This morning, Clayton signed the papers to secure for us a house on the base.  We'll be in a neighborhood called Lawson Village, not far from some friends of ours.  The homes in that area are quite new, and we're very lucky to be getting one.  If all goes well, I'll be moving down there mere days before Christmas.  Possibly accompanying me will be our parents and the only two siblings left at home, Ani and Shannon.  So we're looking forward to a very unique and memorable Christmas in a house with no chairs or beds; it should be great!  Now for the really cool part, here's a link to a virtual tour of the model home in Lawson Village.  Clayton and I are super excited to finally be moving in together!  Now we just have to find out what our moving options are.

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