This was another great week with my husband!  On Monday, when Clayton got home from work, we went for a long walk/run.  That is, it was long to me.  It was fun and felt good, so we'll be doing that more often from now on.  Wednesday was COMIC BOOK DAY!  I should mention that almost every time I say "COMIC BOOK DAY!" I jump in the air with a huge grin on my face.  I predict that by next month, I'll have Clayton doing it, too.  COMIC BOOK DAY! comes once a month, when we venture forth to our new comic book store and purchase our favorite periodicals.  Clayton reads Flash Gordon at the moment, and I read Batman and Batgirl from the New 52 series.  
 In case this sounds profoundly strange to you so far, I should probably explain that the fun of COMIC BOOK DAY! is not just in the comics.  Not only have I not read my comics yet (more about that in a moment), but it really doesn't take that long to actually pick up our comics.  However, after purchasing our comic books, we usually go to an antique store or furniture store, which is actually very fun.  Altogether, COMIC BOOK DAY! is always just a great day.

So the next weird thing is bugging you now.  Despite what you might guess, I do not rush home and plop down with a cup of tea and my newest comic books.  You see, if I read them both right away, I'll have a whole month to wait before I get more.  In order to make the joys of COMIC BOOK DAY! last as long as possible, I put off reading my comic books for as long as possible.  Most likely, I'll read about the adventures of Batgirl next week or so.  When I want to learn something or entertain myself, it has been entirely too easy lately.  I actually do remember a time before email, certainly a time before Google, let alone a time before Facebook.  Back then, we couldn't have things instantly.  The few computer games I had were not flash games, they were challenging puzzles.  If I wanted to learn, I had to find books and think about it, not summon up the almighties, Google and Wikipedia.  So as part of my own small efforts to delay gratification, I will not see beyond the cover of Batgirl for at least another week.

Does anyone else practice tiny exercises in restraint?  What do you think of our culture of instant gratification?  If you haven't delayed enjoying anything in the last decade, now- the season of Lent- is as good a time to try it out as any.  And hey, maybe you think I'm nuts for putting off anything I could enjoy now.  Carpe diem is a valid point of view.  Feel free to let me know just what you think of this.  Thanks for stopping in!
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