Hello, dear readers.  Before I dive into my new post, I need to tell the spammers to stop right now.  I LOVE getting comments on this blog, but please don't copy and paste my first paragraph into the comments, and write an ad for sneakers as your "name."  No one likes it, and it won't work, because I'll delete it right away.  Other bloggers don't tolerate it on their sites, and I certainly won't accept it here.  That said, I still encourage everyone else to leave comments of their own.  I can see very basic stats about how may people come here each day, but it's very encouraging when someone leaves a note about what they think about a certain post or photo album.  Now that that's out of the way, back to my regular shenanigans.

It's been a while since my last post, so I have some things to share.  First of all, I have a job now! It is only part time, but it is at the station library and therefore about as close to my house as a job can get, without being retail.  I still have a name tag (some of you know my theory about name tags), but it's a much nicer one than I've ever had.  The dress code has been surprisingly difficult for me.  This library requires slightly nicer outfits than others I've worked in before.  Unfortunately, it's really hot here, which means almost all the nice blouses and dresses I have don't have sleeves.  The dress code demands sleeves, which I only don't find insane because the library has air conditioning.  After an hour of shopping at the New Bern mall, I had my answer.  For those of you familiar with the New Bern mall, you know that being there an hour means I went into every single store and tried on every garment I thought might do.  I'm not really sure what the garment that has rescued my wardrobe is called.  Some stores are calling it a vest, a wrap, or a cardiwrap.  It is like a cardigan with no buttons in front.  At any rate, I bought one in gray with 3/4 sleeves, and it gives my sundresses and blouses sleeves!  So many of my outfits that were previously inappropriate are now great work ensembles.  Also, for the first time ever, I bought cute shoes at Maurice's!  They've had adorable shoes for a while, but only recently started carrying them in my size, thereby saving me from the embarrassment of shopping in the kids' section of the shoe store, and having all the fashion sense of a nine year old as a result.

I'm still working on some projects around the house, which I'll be sure to share when they're done.  I might not be trying new recipes for a while, since Clayton is training and not doing dinner with me as often.  Speaking of Clayton, he and his coworkers' latest accomplishment can be found in this article from The Windsock, the base paper.  He would never ever brag about this, but as his wife I get to be all proud of him when things like this happen!  His shop was recognized by the American Petroleum Institute for pumping more fuel than ever with a decreased staff.  Of course, Clayton insists that doing anything less would have meant he and the other Marines were shirking their duties.  All the same, I think the guys do a great job, and they definitely deserved that award.

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