We have been having so much fun for the last week!  On the 28th, Clayton and I went to the beach.  We walked in the sand, splashed each other with the salty water and poked dead jellyfish with sticks.  Also, we bought some fresh strawberries, which had us very excited, because they were so perfect!  Even the biggest ones were sweet fruit all the way through.  A few days later I was excited, because when our Netflix came, we got three DVDs instead of two.  Turns out, I had ordered Ben-Hur, which even in digital form is a two-parter.  

This last weekend we had a cookout with some of Clayton's coworkers and their families.  A good time was had by all.  We brought our grill (oh yeah, we have a grill!  It's propane, if you must know) and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. Others brought beer, soda, chips, and dip.  Not to mention some interesting condiments, such as ketchup with Tobasco sauce in it.  After eating, Clayton and I got out our gloves and favorite baseball to play catch, while some of the others tossed a football, and still others sat at a picnic table and visited.  As the sun was setting, we went home to put our leftover food away and change.  Then we met back up with some of those who'd been at the picnic, and we went bowling until midnight.

The bowling alley on base is quite nice, and it makes for cheap, wholesome fun a Saturday evening.  Some of the guys drank a bit and sang along with the music.  Unfortunately for us all, many of the songs were so insanely popular at the moment that they wore at our nerves.  When the lady behind the counter used the PA system to wish a certain girl in the establishment a happy thirteenth birthday, which was subsequently greeted with screams/squeals of excitement, our group all let out a collective "Ahh!  That explains everything!"  So as we bowled, we took turns taking the initiative and summoning up better songs on the digital jukebox (since we obviously couldn't trust the birthday girl to have good taste). 

Regarding my last post about the critters in our driveway, keep checking out the pictures of our adorable little neighbors.  The little tree frogs in particular love our trash bin, and since they won't stop being cute, I won't stop taking pictures of them.

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