Hello, dear readers.  Clayton and I are chilling out in our living room, watching the presidential election results coming in (I was planning on avoiding this, but he had it on when I got home from work).  I have just a few updates for you all, so I'll list them off quickly. 
  •  Clayton finally broke down and took our punch bowl full of leftover Halloween candy in to work, where it quickly disappeared into the bellies of his Marines.  Thank goodness! because I've been working really hard at watching what I eat and getting my butt into the cardio room, and that candy was NOT doing me any favors!  
  • I decided to keep my new tea kettle.  It does bug me that the whistle doesn't work, but other than that it is a very nice, large kettle that looks nice on our stove.  Also I used it several times before I had a chance to take it back, and by then I figured if I'd used it that many times, it couldn't be so bad.  
  • Finally, I picked up my ball gown from the alterations place a while back.  However, my dear husband didn't use the camera I brought to document my awesomeness in daylight, and I forgot to remind him.  However, I do have a picture of the dress on a hanger, which David's Bridal was nice enough to send me in answer to my request.  I'll add it here, and if you have any ideas for hair and accessories, please feel free to send me a link in the comments (that would seriously be such a big help).
11/7/2012 12:16:34 am

the dress is beautiful! hair curled, pulled up in the front,down in back.little gem stones tucked in. drop earrings.

11/7/2012 09:29:16 am

Thanks for the compliment and suggestions, Mom. If you think of anything else or find some pictures, please add them, too!

11/11/2012 09:42:37 pm

So pretty! I want to see ball pictures!


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