So here it is, the latest version of our website.  The appearance is just like the wedding mode, but the over all composition is more like what you can expect in the future.  I'm using this blog post to explain some of the changes.

We've removed the calendar page, because at this moment we rarely know what's going on from one month to the next, and even if we did, none of it involves nearly as many people as did the wedding.  Unless Clayton and I become hugely famous for doing something awesome, we have no intention of bringing the calendar page back.  For now we have a "Thank You" page to give some credit to all of the people who helped us out with our wedding.

The "Important Links" page will be gone soon, but it might come back as a list of favorite sites later.  Obviously, maps and directions won't be necessary once you all get home from your hotels, so that page will be removed as well.  Instead, there will be an entire page dedicated to pictures from the wedding.  If you have any you would like to contribute, we'd love getting prints in the mail, an email with attachments or any other copies you can manage to get us.  Let us know if you have any feelings one way or the other about us using your pictures on the site.

To get in touch with us, I've posted our contact information on a new "Communicate" page.  This will, of course, get updated as we move.  In the meanwhile, keeping checking in here to see what we're about.

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