Yesterday we actually got up and jumped into another day full of paperwork.  We went down to the Tricare office and got me on the books.  The sweet lady at the desk advised us that there is, in fact, a Social Security Administration office nearby in New Bern.  So there we went to change my name **officially** to Brianna Leverenz.  It was also there that I learned that on my Social Security records all these years, my mother's maiden name has been misspelled.  *Shrug*

After lunch, we came back to the base and said "can we has hows, plz?"  The ladies at the housing office were very cheerful and helpful.  Currently, we're on the waiting list for a house in our friends' neighborhood.  If Clayton doesn't hear from them by Thanksgiving, he's supposed to call and ask for our second choice.

Despite the fact that we're actually running out of interesting things to do around here, I really quite enjoy getting out of our hotel room.  It is the ickiest little room we've ever gotten, and the power tool-requiring renovations start outside our door promptly at 0700 each day.  This is really starting to bug me.  My new husband, however, being so near to deaf that a more prudent wife would look into learning ASL, somehow manages to sleep through it.

Last night we ate at Crabby Patty's, land of fried EVERYTHING.  It was delicious, but I regretted even trying to eat that much fried food before we'd even finished.  Spices and an entire breaded meal are some things I'm going to have to learn to enjoy if I'm to live here in the South, apparently.  But, hey- hush puppies!

Now, off to do more paperwork, some networking and then chill for the weekend.  Oh, and once again, if anyone took pictures of the wedding, please email them to me!  Even if you don't want me to post them here.  All you have to do is tell me not to, and I won't.  However, I'd really like to have them for my own enjoyment.  Thanks!


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