Clayton and I arrived in Havelock, NC crazy early this morning.  Eager to get to sleep in an actual bed (not that the Tahoe's seats aren't comfy), we got ourselves a room in the first hotel that would have us and crashed.  After a few hours' sleep, we got up and dove into the mountains of paperwork we knew would be waiting for us.  I now have a Department of Defense identification card, and Clayton has a half dozen more pieces of paper in his service record file.  Tomorrow, more paperwork awaits us.

Now allow me to recount what we've been up to since the wedding.  That night, after removing the **shrink wrap** from Clayton's vehicle, we stopped by our respective parents' houses to stuff our overnight bags, and then proceeded to Buffalo.  We blissfully tripped into the Best Western in downtown Buffalo, still in our wedding clothes.  The guy at the front desk was super nice, and apparently upgraded us into an awesome room (it was actually ivory and purple, which blew my mind when I finally realized it).

Sunday was our groomsman Zeke's birthday, so he, Rachel and Ani met us at the Anchor Bar, home of the chicken wing. There, we ordered more delicious chicken bits than I've ever seen in one place, drank Canadian beer and had several loud and obnoxious conversations.  We could have stayed there all night eating chicken, drinking and talking, but unfortunately for us, the Anchor Bar actually does close, and we had to leave out the side door.

On Monday, we stopped by UB, where Clayton had real taro bubble tea for the first time since he'd left Japan, along with Japanese curry.  Then we headed back to Hamlin, where we turned in our finished marriage license and collected our official marriage certificate, complete with raised seal.  That colorful piece of paper got me a temporary license with my new name(!) on it at the DMV.  Monday night, we came back to the farm and opened our wedding gifts in front of the parents.  The moms were good enough to make a list of everything we received, so once I'm back in New York you can be certain that thank you notes will be forthcoming.  Then we watched the photo booth pictures in a slideshow on the t.v., which was super fun.

Tuesday was spent driving down to North Carolina.  The drive wasn't too bad, and free of traffic jams.  Now that I've had time to sit still this afternoon, I've been able to update the website and load some pictures for you all.  Come back soon for more pictures and updates! 


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