OK, I get it.  My readers are not big on leaving comments, especially when I ask for them.  That's fine, because they are very loyal anyway, even when I get pushy.  Thanks for coming back and reading, all the same.  Today I have something fun for you, and I'll even post pictures!  

As you know, I love using Pinterest!  I've tried some recipes from it, and it's a great place to get craft or decorating ideas.  It was on Pinterest that I found these instructions for making your own chalkboard paint- in any color you want.  It's easy- all you need is unsanded grout and acrylic paint in your color of choice.  For the cost of the ingredients, it's a LOT cheaper than the jars or cans of pre-made chalkboard paint, and of course, you don't have to settle for one of the colors or shades on the shelf.  I chose a pretty, bright green paint (I knew my chalkboard was going in my kitchen, where I use a lot of red and green) for my chalkboard, and I recycled one of the many metal trays that were used as centerpieces at our wedding (which you can get at the Dollar Tree in a range of sizes and shapes). 
The surface on my board is a little rough, probably because of the brush I used.  If you do this project, I recommend using one of those spongy brushes, such as the one pictured in the original tutorial link above.  Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the lighting was not very good in the house that day (much like today).  Someday I'll sit down and learn about aperture, exposure and other photography vocabulary words that elude me right now. 

P.S.  Bonus points if you know the name of the shade of blue I'm using as my new font color!
8/21/2012 01:45:40 pm

I was a little startled when I saw the green, but it works on your refrigerator. A nice pop of color.

8/24/2012 04:03:34 am

Thanks! I know it's bold, but it's also not that big. Pops of color are my favorite!


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