A bunch of little things are starting to come together.  We're hosting a small Easter dinner this year, so several weeks ago I started my preparations by making up a menu.  I might embed the adorable menu I printed up later, so you can see what I'm making, and how I'll display it.  Right now, though, I'll give you a peek at some of my intended party design. 
 Yesterday, we picked up a table that would actually fit all of our guests around it.  Later, I sorted out my bins of holiday decorations and pulled out all of my current Easter decorations, as well as some crafting supplies I might need.  Once I took stock of what I had, I ordered the few decorations I still needed.  Well, not decorations, so much as a tablecloth, napkins, and dessert plates.  I did have to order some small plates for appetizers, but dinner and dessert are going to be served on my new plates!  Next, I set up the table and laid out my serving dishes and wine glasses, and I set one whole place setting (Quick aside: Merlin was SO happy when we set up the new table.  He spent most of the day curled up underneath it, like it was this new dog house that we bought just for him.).  This was to verify that I had enough room on the table for all of the food and plates, and to ensure that I had enough serving dishes for all the food I plan to make.  All that's left to do is wait for my orders to come in, and then go grocery shopping for my remaining dinner ingredients.

We've also made a bit of progress on our move.  I made an appointment with a real estate agent to look at some houses.  From the listings we've seen so far, it looks like there will be a lot of good choices that we can easily afford, so that's a big relief.  Now we're working ourselves into packing mode.  I brought home some boxes from work (at the library) that will perfectly fit our books.  We bought a handful of large boxes that should fit linens or kitchen things.  Just thinking about packing makes me tense, but Clayton assures me that he's pretty much an expert on moving stuff now, so he'll do most of the worrying about that.  He's just relieved that I'm a paperwork expert, so I'm handling that end of the move.  I even have an adorable moving binder, full of our print-outs of real estate listings, house score cards, and inspection checklists.  

If you haven't emailed me your address yet (and odds are good that you haven't), please do!  I'm so looking forward to sending out change of address cards, but I need an updated address book in order to make that happen.  Also, if you have suggestions for which pictures I should take while we're looking at houses, please email those to me, or leave them in the comments for everyone to enjoy.

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