I may have mentioned in previous posts, I keep encountering other life forms around my house.  Last week (I think) I met a green anole on the gutter on the wall of our garage.  He was hard to photograph, but stayed still for me to take his picture.  The other afternoon when I went to take out some trash, I met a tiny, bright green tree frog.  It, too, continued to bathe in the sun on our garbage can while I documented him.  As soon as I was done, he hopped away, and I put the trash in its receptacle.  Last night, when Clayton pulled in after work, he called me out to the driveway again to meet a new creature.  This one was a huge black widow spider, quickly spinning a web across the door I open on a daily basis.  It was squished without documentation, and then we ran into the house and locked the door.

Today was COMIC BOOK DAY! so Clayton and I went to New Bern to get our favorite comic books.  Before heading out, though, we dropped Clayton's Tahoe off at a dealership to get its window fixed.  Now we won't have to drive back to New York with a window that is either up or down at all times.  Yay!  Also, yesterday the maintenance men came and changed the light bulb in our living room's overhead light.  This sounds pathetic only until you see our ceiling.  The light is so far up, I wouldn't have changed it (even if we had a ladder high enough) without someone to spot me down on the floor.  The maintenance guys also left us a bag of grass seed and fertilizer to augment the grass we'd already planted in our backyard.  So after Clayton went off to work, I raked the yard (there were lots of dead weeds after Clayton had turned the earth) and then planted more grass seed.  Hopefully a couple more weeks will have us admiring a backyard with nice, thick grass.  

Edit: Click here to see pictures of the animals I've met (except the black widow, of course).
katrina reagan
4/21/2012 02:34:47 pm

oh, they're cute little friends. not sad to hear spider smushing!


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