Today we had no paperwork to do, so we slept in for a long while.  Then we took off in search of breakfast.  By the time we made it to The Baker's Square- a place so wonderful it's probably where the Keebler elves go for brunch- it was pretty firmly afternoon, so I ordered a sandwich.  Clayton had the "hungry farmer" meal, so I got to try the **awesome** pancakes and the Square's famous butter syrup. 

Then we passed the remainder of the afternoon by wandering old New Bern.  The afternoon was beautiful, so it was a great walk.  We found a farmer's market, which only had one or two booths of produce among the couple dozen.  We also found a nice antique store, which was fun to wander (since we use antique stores as free museums).  It was there that I met a friendly old cat called George.  His meow sounded like he was saying "no" all the time, but really he wanted to be friends.

This evening the plan was to go "someplace nice," but on our way to wherever this nice place was, we saw a totally random carnival/fair thing going on.  So Clayton pulled off there, and we had fun just being at a fair.  There was an awesome train set up, and all manner of 4-H style displays were there to admire.  Clayton threatened to buy me a miniature pony ride, so I suggested we go on a circle ride, and that put an end to the pony rides.

Now we're back where we started, in our room playing games and just being happy chilling together.  All in all, it was a good, fun and relaxing day.  Tomorrow I head back to New York. 


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