Yesterday was another exciting day for Clayton and me.  It was CELL PHONE DAY!  Yeah, I know it's not nearly as exciting as COMIC BOOK DAY.  We got new cell phones, and in the process got off our parents' plans.  Clayton's phone has been so quiet lately, that even when he's shouting into the receiver, the person on the other end can barely hear what he's saying.  Most disturbing lately, though, it wasn't receiving texts from people.  You're probably thinking "But Brianna, I thought you hated texting?" and you would be right.  However, the guys Clayton works with prefer to text important things to each other, instead of calling.  If Clayton missed a text, it could be really bad.  Then there's the part where we forced ourselves to be grownups and learn about cell phone plans.

We ended up getting a plan with not a lot of minutes, with some other feature that allows you to call favorite numbers for free anyway.  Then a data plan, because the non-smartphones are becoming an endangered species with little support.  Clayton's number is still the same, and his new phone is a mid-level model that is supposed to be more durable than the others.  It isn't branded as indestructible, just a bit tougher and waterproof.  Mine is adorable, wider than a normal phone, which makes it look a little more like a baby tablet.  Also, the phone itself only cost $.99!  
 Clayton took out his debit card to buy my phone, and I made him put it away to pay for it with cash (the guy behind the counter had trouble getting his change drawer open).  I'm trying to get us to use cash more often, to remove the psychological distance between us and our money.  You should see the looks we get in the store when we tell the cashiers we don't have any credit cards, and never plan on getting one.  It's like we've got two heads- each!

Regarding my last blog post, all I can say is WOW!  You people really like homemade jelly!  Between the website hits and the comments,  I was really taken by surprise.  I cook other things, too.  Would you all like to hear more about the other things I'm making, or only if I'm giving some away?  Anyway, thanks for reading!  Come back soon!

Edit: Added pictures of our phones from their manufacturers' websites.

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